Watch-it allows you to handle alarms and events in a much more targeted way. In the event of a critical event, Watch-it automatically sends the corresponding image to a dedicated employee, who can monitor and handle the situation with a single click. The correct image will not disappear in the group mailbox, but reaches the person responsible for the follow-up. That could be someone onsite or outside. Watch-it can create notifications which are then registered immediately via an automatic email notification.



Alarms and events are reported as push messages.



A dedicated employee gets a good picture of the event.



The direct link guarantees the right response within a reasonable time.

  • Targeted action through optimal risk assessment
  • Insight into operational events through push messages
  • Remote locking assistance
  • Guided tank transactions (e.g. LNG, CNG, green gas, LPG)
  • Customer care solution for unmanned concepts


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