Snapshot allows you to periodically capture images of critical points that you can view through the Portal or the Eye-opening app. Very fast, because there is no need to connect to the petrol station. The images of waste containers, lights, price board and flags are already available in the Portal. Snapshot can also email you a specific selection of snapshots on a daily basis. Thanks to the structural control at the places you find critical, you can increase the quality of your petrol station remotely.



Periodic snapshots of critical points and locations.



Nothing will escape your attention from now on.



Structural control leads to higher quality.

  • Snapshots of all locations are available online and via our app
  • Mail irregularities directly to those responsible for them
  • Receive specific snapshots daily in your mailbox

    “I quickly check every day whether the prices adjustments have been made”.

    Erik Witteveen - Shell Netherlands

    Is your petrol station ready for the future?

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