With the Portal module you are always and everywhere in contact with your petrol station. This way you can safely run the various applications that allow you to watch live or search previously recorded images and events. All recorded images are available 24/7 and the many practical search functions make it easy to find answers to your questions. This allows you to assess risky situations and improve the service, without the need to be there.



Safely connected to your petrol station, anytime, anywhere.



The applications and search functions make sure that nothing escapes your attention.



Improve the processes without having to be physically present.

  • Access to all remote applications
  • Integration in highly secured networks possible
  • Secure access to location(s) from anywhere
  • Directly view recorded and live footage
  • GDPR-compliant thanks to ‘high security’ connection


    Is your petrol station ready for the future?

    We are here to help you! We will gladly demonstrate PumpWatch for you so that you can see with your own eyes how many practical, everyday things can be done so much safer, more efficiently and more customer-friendly.

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