The Fuel module links CCTV images to the pump transactions by integrating PumpWatch with the Fuel Controller or POS system. The recordings start automatically as soon as the pump is being used. All images of this transaction are linked to each other: the customer, the pump, the cash register and the filling. This makes it very easy to retrieve the footage. The user-friendly overview of high-risk events, such as fuel theft, a pump test or a deferred payment, provides quick insight into the situation.



All CCTV images are linked to pump transactions.



Quickly retrievable images, for example based on transaction number.



Full insight into and control of all pump transactions.

  • Search transactions by receipt number
  • Search transactions by special events
  • The entire transaction in one overview

    “With the fuel module we can quickly trace deviating transactions and see the correct camera images”.

    Rick van der Meij - Petrol stations Jongeneel

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