With PumpWatch as the eyes and brain of your station security, various intelligent extensions are possible. In addition to optimum safety, these will also ensure higher efficiency, improved customer experience and a higher turnover.


On the forecourt safety is extremely important, as there are flammable substances and moving vehicles and pedestrians. Nothing will escape your attention anymore.


With these modules you have a good grip on the sales process making sure all attention can go to improved hospitality and better customer experience.


These modules offer you 100 % control over your car wash business. Damage and complaints are quickly resolved or even prevented.


Petrol stations find insight into customers and their behaviour increasingly important, for additional sales opportunities and advertising purposes.


You want a grip on all your petrol stations. You want the stations to be attractive and safe for your customers. You want to improve them and make them perform better.

Is your petrol station ready for the future?

We are here to help you! We will gladly demonstrate PumpWatch for you so that you can see with your own eyes how many practical, everyday things can be done so much safer, more efficiently and more customer-friendly.

Reamon van Dijk

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