The new standard

Petrol stations are going through big changes. This results in shifting customer needs, as well as changing revenue models. PumpWatch has been the security standard for over 5,000 petrol stations throughout Europe for 20 years. The new PumpWatch sets the bar even higher with advanced technology, a completely redesigned interface and smart modules. The world’s smartest data-driven CCTV system not only helps you to control and manage your business, it also helps you grow!

Time gain

Save lots of time

Millions of images linked to historical and current data. An interface that helps you to derive the answers to your questions quickly and intuitively.

“Searching by event, transaction, employee or the colour of a car, will render answers in no time.”
“Cash register differences, errors in transactions, but also fraud, can be detected quickly. These things even become predictable.”
“Many more components can be managed remotely. This saves a lot of travel and man-hours per week.”
“The number of drivers leaving without paying will be reduced significantly. And if a fuel thieve still drives off, you don’t lose valuable time with it.”


More safety through active signalling

PumpWatch makes it possible to quickly perform routine checks on matters that you find critical.
In addition, the camera system itself can detect and report critical events.

“Are all safety rules being complied with? Are people smoking near the pump? What is the follow-up in the event of theft? Seeing is knowing!”
“You actively want to receive that one image of the customer who activated the emergency button, spilled fuel, or a fraudulent employee.”
“Before, you would be able to see what was wrong after the events, but now you get information that allows you to intervene immediately.”


Grip on all processes and transactions

In addition to monitoring the security situation at your petrol station, you will be given countless opportunities to monitor and innovate your petrol station.

“Filling up a car with the wrong fuel is now really a thing of the past.”
“You don't want waiting customers. Not at the pump and not in the shop. PumpWatch helps to avoid waiting times.”
“Never again a wrong price on the board. And you can immediately see that the fire extinguishers are set up in the right place.”
“A reorganisation of your shop improves customer experience and increases your turnover, without losing your grip on the operational process.”

Customer experience

Raise customer satisfaction

Spend less time on control and administration, and use the time saved to pay more attention to clients and hospitality.

“PumpWatch helps you to optimise the entire customer journey and shifts the focus to your role as a host or hostess.”
“A clean and well-lit area, topped-up paper towels, smoothies ready on time ... operational excellence 24 hours a day!”
“Automate whatever you can. However, hospitality cannot be automated, so you have to spend time on that.”
“If your employees used to be focused on their monitors, they can now focus on how they can help your customers.”
“Direct insight into the customers in front of you, to serve them even better.”

What is PumpWatch?

The world’s smartest CCTV system

PumpWatch is the standard for the security and optimisation of petrol stations. The possibility to link all footage to transaction data, number plates, technical reports and alarms is unique.

An easy-to-operate system

The success of any system is determined by its ease of use. This is exactly why PumpWatch is demonstrably used more than any other system.

All events in one overview screen

Total overview

The overview screen provides insight into all the details of a transaction. In text, with icons and with video stills.

Insight in every detail

Insight into fuel type, pump number, payment method, total amount, cash register number and cashier in just a single glance.

Practical search filters

Special filters quickly detect any abnormal behaviour. This allows you to focus specifically on suspicious actions.

Searching is finding, thanks to advanced search options

More keywords

The search bar accepts more keywords than ever: car make, type, colour, number plate and every product purchased.

Know your customer

‘Customer insight’ allows you to immediately see the complete purchase history of the customer. This knowledge offers new sales opportunities.

Know your customer

Customers driving off without paying are recognised in time. The cashier receives an alarm message before the pump is released.

Complete overview of one event

More information

In full screen mode you can see all video images of one transaction. The images you want to enlarge can easily be selected.

Smart search filters

Filters are used to search what you are looking for. For example, fraud can be discovered without needing to know the receipt numbers.

An eye on the cash register

In ‘Receipt’ you can see if your employee acts according to the procedure regarding payment and offering certain customer benefits.

A detailed and a global view

Image in HD quality

All footage is recorded in high quality and is always available and retrievable in HD quality.

Large image

The ‘full screen’ mode allows you to hide all menus in order to maximize the images, so you can see even more details.

Live video channels

You can see all 16 video channels of your location in your favourite order. All on one screen, live at the cash register.

All information securely stored

Your image archive

The archive function ensures secure storage of your images. You don’t have to select what you want to save.

Spreading images

You can quickly select images, enlarge certain areas and distribute them within your network or send them to the police.


The option ‘Blacklist’ gives you the possibility to actively protect your petrol stations against known problem customers.

    Who for?

    More than 5,000 petrol stations use PumpWatch


    PumpWatch is intuitive and really fast. This reduces the time required to manage the petrol station while improving quality.


    PumpWatch, the standard in the protection of petrol stations, increases operational excellence at the lowest total cost of ownership.


    PumpWatch identifies dangerous situations, eliminates risks and actively provides indicators of danger or fraud.


    “For us, PumpWatch is the stepping stone to the next level in customer experience.''

    Koen van der Knaap - Owner Shell van der Knaap

    “PumpWatch makes less pleasant tasks easier.”

    Rik van der Meij - Petrol stations Jongeneel

    "The only way to improve your service, is by making it more personal. PumpWatch helps with that”

    Steven Van Belleghem - Keynote speaker and author


    Modular expansion according to your situation

    PumpWatch is the world's smartest data-driven CCTV system in the fuel market. Besides the most inviting and practical interface, PumpWatch offers numerous other customised expansion options. From security to operational excellence.

    BigBrother, an innovation company

    Security is not about watching but about opening your eyes

    We help companies in the petrol station and retail market in the transition
    of their business towards the customer needs of the future.

    Is your petrol station ready for the future?

    We are here to help you! We will gladly demonstrate PumpWatch so that you can see with your own eyes how many practical, everyday things can be done so much safer, more efficiently and more customer-friendly.

    Reamon van Dijk

    0318 666694